Please read all the FAQs for a thorough understanding of the bookings and bridal process.

Since we have a range of options for our clients, for all price enquiries please call the salon on +922135295236-7 or +923405512345 and +923202240222 and speak to Naila, our Front Desk Manager or Mariam, our Receptionist.

Bookings are only confirmed after the client has paid 50% of the amount in advance. The remaining balance should be cleared on the day of the appointment. The clients MUST bring with themselves all receipts and documents given to them.

You have the option to book with Natasha or our Senior Makeup Artist, Nazia Ejaz or our Glam Squad- a team of highly skilled makeup artists trained by Natasha.

Clients can scroll through the Portfolio here “link” or on our social media handles.

Before making bookings, clients may be allowed to see the makeup done by our makeup artists in person at the salon, provided that the salon is not crowded and permission is granted.

This will be handed to all clients along with the receipt.

Brides are strictly not allowed any family members or attendants with them unless they also have appointments.

Please ensure that your hair is washed, any necessary threading and waxing is already taken care of, makeup and nose pin is removed and contacts are worn beforehand.

Please bring the right undergarments as you will be required to change into your bridal shirt before makeup and do bring all of your jewelry as it’s easy required before your dupatta/veil setting.

Do have your breakfast/lunch before coming to the salon for your appointment.

If you’d like any specific flowers for your hairdo please bring them with you as we have a limited amount of flowers at the studio.

We do not suggest wearing a nose ring (nath) as it disturbs the makeup but if you must, bring it with you so that our team can assist you.

Please call your cars on time, the salon shuts latest at 7.30 pm.

The process of getting you ready for your event takes a total of 3-4 hours, therefore, it is imperative that you reach on time with all your things.

If you are late we will not give your slot to anyone else but a penalty must be paid (see below).

You must book as soon as possible as we are capped for bridals on each day. We recommend calling in a at least 3 months in advance to book your slot.

Clients MUST book with the name of the person who will be attending the appointment. If you’re booking on behalf of someone, do point that out and give the name of the person you are booking for to our team.

Bookings will only be valid once the salon receives the 50% advance payment.

We do not have a cancellation or refund policy. If for some reason you cannot come for your appointment, your advance is valid for use for up to 1 year and can ONLY be transferred to a relative or friend after visiting the salon and speaking to Naila and Mariam.

Advances for makeup bookings cannot be transferred to use for Masterclasses and vice versa.

You must be on time for your appointment. In the event you are late your slot will not be given to another bride but you will be required to pay a penalty.

We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone not complying with our rules or disrupts our environment by exhibiting rude behavior, especially with our staff.

If you contain lice please note that we will not be using any of our tools on you. Please treat your lice till your appointment date or in special circumstances bring your tools such as tongs, irons, clips and brushes with you.