Our 9- day Beauty Masterclass helps you take your beauty game to the next level. You will learn all of Natasha’s tips and tricks, including her signature 100Watt Skin. This program is open to all- regardless of beauty/makeup proficiency. Whether you’re a novice, working professional, or budding makeup artist, we’d love to teach you and help you enhance your skills as our class is customized to whatever suits you, skin tone, features or personality!

The class structure involves Lectures, Demos and Practice days. Natasha herself carries out in-depth lectures and demos where you will have a chance to interact with her and really get to see her technique. On Practice days students will perfect the skills they’ve learnt on themselves, in the presence of our trainers.

Skincare and Preparation:

An essential part of our program is knowing what’s good for your skin and how you can achieve the perfect canvas for your makeup, in other words, groundwork for the #100WattSkin. We start by talking about assessing and recognizing different skin types and what’s necessary to take care of your skin from inside out.

MUA Products and Tools:

The manuals our students are handed contain some of Natasha’s recommendations for products, makeup brushes, and other tools required for a kit. Details are discussed during the lectures.

Foundations & Coverage:

Learn to match the foundations with your skin tones, how to mix formulae to create custom shades and types of coverage alongside application.

Contouring & Highlighting:

Get the chiseled cheekbones you always desired by getting to know the constant play of light and shade and how you can use it to your benefit.

Eye Makeup:

We teach you two types of technique, the regular Socket Eye and the sultry Smoky Eye.

Lipstick Application:

Learn the detailed process of how to get the perfect pout for your lip shape.


Lecture & Demo Days:

On Lecture Days, aided by a presentation made by Natasha herself you will learn the theory of makeup, product and application.

On Demo Days, you will get a chance to see Natasha demonstrate her techniques. Do not get fixated on the products she is using and make the most out of watching the motions and skills she is using.

Practice Days:

After teaching a specific technique to our students, we hold practice days so that they can get hands on experience as the class progresses. There are total 4 practice days led by our trainers (a team trained and instructed by Natasha herself). Students are required to get their kits with themselves and practice the technique learned in theory. There are no specific products that you must get, we want you to feel comfortable and use what works best for you.

Graduation Day:

On the last day students will be handed out their certificates and get the opportunity to click personal pictures with Natasha. Please do not bring any DSLR’s to class for they are an expensive item and the salon is not responsible for misplaced items.



Attend our 5-day Hair Masterclass to up your hair game and learn how to befriend your hair with our multi-talented trainers who’ve been trained by Hair Guru, Sabrina!

The class comprises theory and know-how of products and hair types, followed by stunning hair demonstrations and practice days so that you go back with thorough hairstyling knowledge.

We start by introducing the students to the types of hair and what products and tools are necessary to maintain and get the best out of your hair styling technique. We teach them how to’s on creating volume/teasing, setting and managing open hair and prep for long-lasting hairdos such as half updos, braids (including fishtail and crown setting) ponytails, side buns, back buns, mohawks… ALL the beautiful hair you see on our clients and so much more.


Get to know your tools by learning roller setting, simple blowdries, straightening and dynamic hair tonging techniques. Cater your learning experience by knowing the cut and color for your face and personality.

This class is open to all, whether you are a complete amateur, a working professional or a hair styling enthusiast- this is the place you need to be.


Students must bring their own tools- further instructions given by our trainers during class.

Come join us and become a part of our Hair Tribe.