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Whether you’re a professional looking to learn something new, a budding makeup artist wanting to enhance your technique or just a beauty enthusiast attend our 9- day Beauty Masterclass with Natasha where we give you the chance to perfect your makeup game and learn all things beauty.

You’ll get to meet with Natasha, interact with her and learn her beauty tips and tricks as well.
We start with getting to know our lovely students and their motivation behind attending our class along with their specific needs and what they wish to take home from this class and then progress towards talking about makeup, techniques, application, and products. Over the 9-day period, the structure is divided as Lectures, Demos and Practice Days so you can get hands-on with what you have learned in theory.

  • Skincare and Skin Prep
  • MUA Products and Tools
  • Foundations & Coverage
  • Contouring & Highlighting
  • Socket Eye
  • Smoky Eye
  • Lipstick Application

Natasha herself carries out the lectures and demos and our highly skilled trainers who have been trained by Natasha assist on practice days.

Masterclasses are held in our salon on Zamzama. Each day is 3 hours long started at 12 pm sharp and ending at 3 pm.

The calendar under the SCHEDULE tab contains all our upcoming and exciting masterclasses over for the period of 3 months. You should also be able to check updates about a masterclass you are currently attending.

We have a strict no cell phone/camera policy during class. You may not take any videos/pictures during the lectures or demos unless permitted by Natasha or our trainers. You must also ensure that your cell phone remains silent and kept in your bag throughout the class as a courtesy to other students.

On the last day, you will be allowed to take personal pictures/selfies with Natasha. DSLR’s are not permitted due to the risk of them being misplaced.

You can call the salon on one of the following numbers:

0213 5295236- 7, 03202240222 OR 0340 5512345 between 11 am and 7 pm and speak to either Naila or Mariam who will answer all booking related queries.

All bookings are made over the telephone and payments can be made in the salon or through Bank Transfer if overseas students/clients wish to attend.

Our student intake per Masterclass is limited to 35 students. Therefore, spaces for our masterclasses fill up extremely fast so you must make the booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

For Lecture and Demo Days, students do not need to bring anything with themselves except the manual and pen issued to them on the first day. If they wish to bring a separate notebook, they are welcome to.

For Practice Days students must bring with themselves makeup that they use currently. Any specific requirements will be given to them by our trainers or Natasha before the Demo day ends.

There are no pre-requisites. Students may bring products and brushes they feel comfortable using and whatever works for them. Our trainers can assist you further after the first practice day and help you build your kit.

All students will be handed Demo Lists on the last practice day which will mention each and every product Natasha has used during the class. Other product recommendations can be found in the manual given to you on the first day therefore during lectures and demos, do not get fixated on products used but rather focus on the technique being taught.

If for whatever reason you cannot attend the Masterclass, Natasha Salon does not provide refunds. However, we can issue you a voucher to attend a future class or upon request transfer the voucher to a friend or relative. This may only be done after you have spoken to Naila/Mariam at the reception.

Unfortunately, we only prepare for a number of students and don’t have extras to give out. Therefore, you must keep all your belongings, manuals, lists, folders, giveaway bags with yourself. No staff member can be asked to look after your things and Natasha Salon is not liable for any items misplaced, lost or stolen.